Omar Khan (OK)
Visionary Tech Entrepreneur

Muhammad Umar Khan (OK) .

Meet OK, the visionary tech maestro from Pakistan transforming the global blockchain landscape. Founder of Innovation Factory and BFIC Coin, he blends innovation with philanthropy, shaping tomorrow’s digital frontiers while championing social causes worldwide.

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Community fuels innovation, connecting hearts to build transformative futures together

OK envisions of a blockchain-powered world, bridging innovation with inclusivity

Pioneer blockchain solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and communities worldwide

Tech Trailblazer

Empowering future, Inspiring change, Transforming communities

Meet Omar Khan, a visionary from Pakistan shaping global tech horizons through blockchain innovation With 12 years of entrepreneurial leadership. 

From Lahore to Dubai, his journey blends entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for societal impact. Founder of Innovation Factory, he champions digital solutions like BFIC COIN, XchangeOn & 30+ real-world crypto utilities, bridging technology with everyday life. 

OK’s ethos: empower communities, inspire innovation, and redefine tomorrow’s possibilities.


Innovative. Transforming. Empowering

Grit. Growth. Impact.

Journey from Passion to Purpose!

Leaving Pakistan for Dubai, his vision in regards to migration is to expand business horizons globally. Through strategic initiatives and innovative solutions, he has catalyzed significant transformations in international markets, leaving a lasting imprint on fintech industries & communities worldwide.

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Umar Khan's journey from a $6000 startup to overseeing a portfolio of 30+ successful ventures showcases his visionary approach. Each project, from blockchain innovations to entertainment platforms, reflects his commitment to pioneering solutions that redefine industry standards & drive impact in real world.

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Umar Khan's vision extends beyond innovation; he aims to revolutionize traditional financial systems by promoting widespread crypto adoption. Through BFIC COIN, he seeks to replace fiat currencies with secure, decentralized alternatives, ushering in a new era of financial empowerment and efficiency.


Beyond business ventures, Umar Khan exemplifies a commitment to social responsibility. Through initiatives like the Hafeeza Nazir Trust, he channels resources to empower marginalized communities, fostering sustainable development and creating a positive impact on society.


Every setback is a step forward every challenge, an opportunity. Dare to dream act with courage, and create a legacy that inspires.


Memories. Achievements. Legacy.

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OK's Legacy

Omar Khan, a great soul with a pure heart, is not just a friend but a brother to me. His entrepreneurial prowess and transformative skills are truly remarkable, shaping a future of innovation and impact.

Sanjay Dutt,
Bollywood Super Star

OK swings the bat of innovation with the finesse of a Sultan, leading us into a realm where technology transforms dreams into reality. His vision inspires us to reach higher & pushing boundaries and reshaping the digital landscape.

Wasim Akram
The Sultan of Swing

Omar Khan epitomizes visionary leadership and innovation, seamlessly blending tradition with cutting-edge technology. His contributions resonate deeply in our pursuit of a progressive future, heralding a new era of transformative excellence.

HH Sheikh Marwan bin
Mohammed Al Maktoum

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Mostly Googled Questions

Who is Omar Khan?

Muhammad Umar Khan, widely recognized as Omar Khan OK, a leading entrepreneur in the crypto world, is renowned for his visionary leadership and impactful contributions. With expertise in blockchain technology, he continues to shape and innovate within the dynamic cryptocurrency industry, leaving a lasting imprint through his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Where is Omar Khan originally from?

Originally from Lahore, Pakistan, Omar Khan's background is wonderfully diverse, enriched by experiences gained in various countries.

What is Innovation Factory, and when was it founded?

In 2021, Omar Khan established the Innovation Factory as a pivotal project, directing its efforts toward fostering business innovation, with a specific emphasis on the crypto and finance sectors. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the Innovation Factory stands as a testament to his commitment to pioneering advancements in these dynamic industries.

Is Innovation Factory open to collaborations or partnerships?

We welcome collaboration and partnership opportunities, particularly in the realm of crypto and finance-related projects. Feel free to reach out if you have initiatives aligned with our focus.

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